Second group of horses

Commencement of sale 

The bidding and horse sale process for the second group of Lipizzan horses has begun.

Selection of Lipizzan horse (from the second group) and the submission of bids will be carried out exclusively at

The sale is to be carried out through competitive bidding, or the horses are to be sold to the bidders who offer the highest price.



Sunday, 20 December 2020, at 11 pm.



Bids may be submitted via the online sales catalogue until 11 pm on Sunday, 20 November 2020. After this time, the online sales catalogue will be closed and the submission of bids will no longer be possible.

Additional information on the further procedure for purchasing a Lipizzan horse from Lipica, and the possible second sales round, is available at

We reserve the right to change the schedule and horse sale process in the event of additional measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Stud Farm Lipica

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