Sales process


Sales process

Information on the horse sale process


Pursuant to the 2021 Annual Plan for the Disposal of Lipizzan Horses adopted by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, there Lipizzan horses owned by the Republic of Slovenia in the process of being sold by the Lipica Stud Farm.

The horse sale is to be carried out through competitive bidding, or the horses are to be sold to the bidders who offer the highest price. This shall apply irrespective of the starting price.


Sales process

The sale is to be carried out through competitive bidding via the online sales catalogue at

The sale will be carried out successively, in groups of 10, 20, or more horses, selected by the Lipica Stud Farm.

The group of the various horses selected for sale will be presented and published in the online sales catalogue.

Detailed information on the sales process will also be provided in the online sales catalogue.


I. Round - Bid submission


Prior notification on the commencement of the sale, and call for competition on the various horses selected, which are presented and published in the online sales catalogue at, will be provided to the general public.

The notification shall include the date and time of the commencement and termination of the competitive bidding.

The value of the submitted bid must be equal to or higher than the starting price. The potential buyer should not offer less than the starting price. If he/she fails to do so, the submitted bid shall not be considered, and the potential buyer shall be eliminated.

After the termination of the competitive bidding, the online sales catalogue will be closed, and the submission of bids will no longer be possible.


II. Round - Bid improvement

After the first round of bidding, we will review the submitted bids for each individual horse. For each horse, we will select up to five buyers who have submitted the highest bids, and inform them of the highest bid. Moreover, we will individually invite them to improve their bid (by email or by live auction), again by of a specific date and time. We shall not disclose the bidders, nor shall we disclose who offered how much. We shall only disclose the highest bid submitted - value.

We shall not reopen the online sales catalogue for bid improvement.

After the bids are improved (by email or by live auction), the horse shall be sold to the bidder who offers the highest purchase price in the process of bid improvement - by email or by live auction.


Viewing and testing of horses

During the bidding process, for each group of horses, we will prepare several dates when potential buyers will be able to view and test the selected horses, published in the online sales catalogue, also live. We will inform the public about possible dates for viewing and testing of horses (via email and / or online sales catalogue and through some online communication channels).


General information

The Lipica Stud Farm reserves the right not to sell a horse for which bids have been submitted, for various reasons (due to illness or injury at the time of sale, the desired price could not be reached and the horse will be put up for sale in the future, etc.).

The Lipica Stud Farm aims to promote a good long-term relationship with the buyers of Lipizzan horses from Lipica. We are focused on buyer satisfaction; therefore, the sale will be transparent, and will include and reveal all the information on the characteristics and health condition of the horse, including the identified personality traits of individual horses. 

We aim to find a good home for our Lipizzan horses, where they will feel good and give joy and satisfaction to the new owners.

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