Movement between EU

Movement of Equidae between EU Member States

Registered equidae which leave their holdings must be accompanied by the identification document and health attestation provided for in Annex II of Council Directive 2009/156.

The health certificate is issued and confirmed by the official veterinarian at the locally competent regional office of the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Food Safety, Veterinary Service and Plant Protection (UVHVVR). The official veterinarian must be informed of the intended movement of equidae on time so that the required documents can be issued in a timely manner. The official veterinarian sends the health certifcate via the Trade Control and Expert System electronic system (hereinafter: TRACES). TRACES is a tool for the monitoring of animal and product movement both within and outside the EU. Information on the TRACES system is available in the English language on the website of the European Commission.

Transport of Equidae for Trading Purposes

The conditions for the transport of animals are as follows:

  • the transporter must be registered, meaning that they hold a transport authorisation issued based on an application by the competent regional office of the UVHVVR;
  • the transporter must hold a certificate of competence, meaning that they have passed live animal transport training.

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