Breeding of Lipizzans

The Stud Farm Lipica breeds the Lipizzan horses in a traditional tested way. Stallions, placed in stables in individual enclosed stalls, are trained regularly. Broodmares are placed in a joint stable, breeding is free.

Breeding of Lipizzans

For animals, entered in the Studbook of the Slovenian Lipizzan Breeding Association (ZRLS), no breeding conditions are defined in the Breeding Programme directly, however, the following is recommended:

  • That animals are bred in stables ensuring breeding of animals in accordance with ethological standards;
  • That in the pasturing season animals can pasture the whole day on pastures of appropriate size.


Breeders or owners should ensure working horses for all types of use to get used to the work, conditions and method of use in accordance with the established professional and ethical horse breeding standards.

Stud Farm Lipica

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