About Stud Farm

The Stud Farm Lipica is committed to ensuring care, treatment, accommodation and breeding of all categories of Lipizzan horses in accordance with the highest ethical, ethological and technological standards not only due to the role and importance of the stud farm in modern breeding of Lipizzan horse worldwide, but above all due to the Lipizzans themselves.

The Stud Farm Lipica breeds the Lipizzan horses in a traditional tested way. Stallions, placed in stables in individual enclosed stalls, are trained regularly. Broodmares are placed in a joint stable, breeding is free.

About Stud Farm

Immediately after foaling, mares with foals are placed in enclosed stalls for 10 to 14 days, thus ensuring them the necessary peace and satisfactory control over the health state of the mother and the foal in the post-natal period. After this period, mares with foals return to the joint stable. Breeding is combined – on pastures and in the stable. In the pasture season, the entire herd of broodmares is on pastures during the day, whereas in winter, they are moved to arranged places for running when the conditions do not enable pasturing.

Stud Farm Lipica

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